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November 17, 2015 by in Blog

Hi Able

Questions for you – if your infernally insane teaching schedule doesn’t derail you first!

Do we own our lives or are we a container for someone’s life to carry forward past lives? A living haze interpreting our own world through the norms and previous experiences of others – primarily parents. Should we interpret our opportunities, and the world, through the life of those who are dead, and through the eyes of those who began their own journey in conditions vastly different than we do?

Are we able to admit other voices, interests, classes, places, religion, expectations, prejudices, have more power over us than we do? Isn’t this the struggle to assert our own free will? So, are we a shell, empty of ourselves but crowded with other memories and socialisations, or an authentic body complete with our individual desires, wishes, ambitions and loves?

I’ve always considered power – both personally and socially – the most important thing to have to overcome external influence, to use faith and confidence to achieve.

What’s your power?

Where is it, more importantly, how do you use it?
External power: what is it, where is it, and how is it used to limit you?

Socialised power: relatives, kin, clan, tribe, ideology, religion, traditional expectations, that subtly control and determine our ambitions, desires and behaviours.

What prevents external intrusions into your own power fields?
What power prevents you wanting to be yourself?
What power pulls you forward?

OK, that’ll do with the questioning for now.

It’s snowing: the parked cars are like heaped white bag sheep humped next kerb stones. Back to writing: I’ve done 80,000 words since September and are now considering how the adventure ends.

Toodly Pippikins


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