“These guys are more dangerous than cigarettes, cocaine and heroin combined”: When the String Breaks

May 24, 2014 by in Blog

“And you Billy, tell me, do you think Dwayne, that great misplaced idiot, angry as a frustrated saint, unable to pinpoint what’s driving his dysfunctional emotions into brick walls, understands consequences? What about Ronnie, close to him aren’t you, Billy Boy? Another lost misled kid. Jesus, Billy, how they remind me of myself at a tender age. Desperate to prove myself in the easiest, most direct means I could: violence. I was a class A guy alright. Double starred, a first class idiot because I believed in what I was shouting. Was prepared to diminish — a nice word justifying destruction — those disagreeing with me and my cause. I didn’t have enough emotional intelligence to understand the idea of neutral ground to meet, solve and forget our differences. A space to build on what we shared in common. How else are we to live in peace? The world’s a big place, enough to accept difference once we identify our similarities, feeling around what might cause pain if not approached openly and sensitively. And the great majority do share the same needs, desires, wants, ambitions. Yeah, the smart, smooth talking class A men get in the way of peace, don’t they? Their message is a one way trip, appealing to real ‘men’. Now there’s an irony, Billy, don’t you think? What they call ‘men’ are bigoted narrow minded psychopaths; the more they threaten, the more they’re paised. Doesn’t give normality much of a chance, does it? They’ll destroy emotional well-being and sanity without fail.

Keep clear, walk another mile, cross the street, ignore them. These guys are more dangerous than cigarettes, cocaine and heroin combined. Think Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and the rest of them, were attracted to illegal substances? No way! They knew how to manipulate the many, wanting someone to solve their problems. Billy I know you  — this isn’t you. Nor is the path you’re treading. How can I get through to you?”


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