When the String Breaks: Part Three of the Billy Day and Kevin Knight Trilogy

May 01, 2014 by in Published Books

The fragile veneer of Billy’s confidence, beneath which hides the reality of his troubled childhood, fractures after his ambitions to become a medical student are crushed by poor exam results.

With college failure Billy’s insecurities are cut open leading him into dark, dangerous and destructive avenues. Progressing though blind, angry vandalism he willingly immerses himself in the language, culture and expectations of a religious fundamentalist group: The Risen.

The Risen offers Billy a voice, shared values and simplistic answers to complex questions.

Kevin remains in the background until, in co-operation Sean Tobin, the brother of Billy’s father’s Irish partner, he takes centre stage as the adventure reaches its shocking conclusion.

“So mate, what’s your violence?”, Ronnie asked as I cleared the tables preparing to knock off work.

“I don’t follow. What violence?”, I replied as we left the café together.

“Sure you do”, he answered, “It’s written all over your half smiling face. Doesn’t quite cover the scowl does it? Trying to fool outsiders you’re cool and at peace with the world with a sneer you don’t understand. Yet.   Expressions intimidating people to keep well clear: ‘I’m as dangerous as a kitten’”.

Published by Solstice Publishing

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