The Monesse Mystery: Part Two of the Billy Day and Kevin Knight Trilogy

May 01, 2014 by in Published Books

The Monesse Mystery is a rich, complex adventure, exploring how the two friends face the consequences of war, deceit and redemption as they investigate the theft of an art treasure.

The pair’s adventure is split between Billy’s provincial hometown and the Landes village of Kevin’s French pen pal where they discover a Commonwealth War Grave for a Black South African soldier.

In a nearby village is a memorial to ten American fliers killed in action during 1944.

“OK, Kevin”, I finally said, “listen to me. Don’t even consider asking questions. You’re about to enter my domain. A place you’ve not been before and, hopefully to God, where you’ll never go again.

“Don’t even consider contradicting what I’ll say. We’re existing on borrowed time, of that I’m sure.

“I’m not cold steel anymore Kevin, I’m death reborn, no longer scared of the other side’s horrors. I’ve been there. Nor am I a guardian angel, the nice guy to the rescue, sorting everyone’s problems out.”

Published by Solstice Publishing

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