No Boxes Ticked

May 01, 2014 by in Forthcoming Publications

No Boxes Ticked is a unique diary of teaching Special Educational Needs students in a north London college.

This year long diary pulls no punches as student conflict, heartache and disappointment are laid bare. No Boxes Ticked explores how two groups of special needs students with behavioural problems, and physical disabilities, develops socially, emotionally and educationally.

Each student has potential to achieve set goals nurtured collaboratively between teacher and learner. The pedagogic approach of No Boxes Ticked is proactive, engaging and challenging, constantly pushing students to lead conscious, active and inclusive lives based on choice and understanding.

Chapter titles indicate themes, or major events, that week.  Beginning with the startled and quizzical student comment ‘What are ambitions?’ to heartache and high drama, ‘Tricia was raped’. Other themes include a ‘Week of slow breakthroughs’ as subtle changes occur during the second term. Whilst the demands of educating problematic individuals are shared in ‘She’s drained me’.

By the third term patient efforts pay off as students gain confidence to function socially and individually. Thus, for the most disruptive student a chapter entitled ‘Sparkle in Dean’s eyes’, to ‘I’ve got the job!’ for a student not expected to hold down any form of employment.

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