The Billy Can Bomb: Part One of the Billy Day and Kevin Knight Trilogy

May 01, 2014 by in Published Books

Billy Day is an emotionally intelligent teenager – though with self-doubt and a troubled history – living in a rundown district with his lone parent father; ex-army, ex-prisoner. Close to his father Billy’s familiar with the realities of life.

The Billy Can Bomb opens with Billy viciously attacked. Kevin Knight intervenes to rescue him. Despite their differing backgrounds, Kevin is affluent, high achieving middle class, Caribbean, they instantly click.

The Billy Can Bomb adventure follows the two tracking down a gang selling drugs in their town. As the story unfolds Billy’s positive relationship with his father comes alive. Billy constantly wonders how his father, who served in Northern Ireland, acted facing extreme danger.

This is answered when Billy reacts instinctively to confront the drug gang to better them.

Billy and Kevin’s character differences are probed when they discuss how to catch the pushers. Kevin sees everything in personal terms, whereas for Billy it’s a game of outwitting King, the drug gang   leader.

Nor is it about revenge, rather devising strategies to overcome the gang’s willingness to use force.

Awakening into maturity Billy’s determined no one was going to defeat him. His father, with special forces training was, sure enough, inside of him, speaking softly, directing his actions.

Published by Solstice Publishing

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