Hemale to a Stood-up Comic

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Do the gig man’s oriface wearing zanyness, shirt slanging floosy and odd colored espredildos.

Emails are like the peas you have eaten off a plate  –  can’t remember how money were masticated nor if they all had individual names, or merely a connecting descriptive noun to communicate them into wholly cat-logism their past particles.

Three skins for Hummous the popular Middle Eastern spread. Say not Ham-as to a  terroristic they meat be offeled and beget angrifications. Speak twatish like me in your gigalations and cheque the balanced re-pontiousness. And will Hummous  wimmin be give a mendicap for whoring a long burk and sides?

Durlings, you no I unt brilliant … Me susspec yer missus Helen is out to cut off your thrubbing manly rod ‘cos you have  not satiscum her tartly fuckbitions. Lengthen herb eggstaticpectations till she bescreeeches in writhful joy and tremulouse origamism. Let her pecksniff your noble skidding marx and engle out her breast beatens unto your clamarous palmdung finger bones. Then, as the lord doth say, suckle the lamb to lie with the clothless loin and corrigate her pimply cliterhose.

Friends; don’t be over-whored by numericals, ’tis forever qualitit that cunteth. Don’t create false eggspictations  by dismussing the statement out of hand without first understanding its content.

Mean to say, look at it this way me old tiger balm, don’t use   confessional soul washing to revert to filthy racist, bigotted twatishness you might have bean?

Love and french kisses from the nudist beach and rampant insects disturbing my life.

15,000 words into fantastic story on terrorism. My daughter texted me sepoy varter’s daz.

Luv unt eisen from Frankenreich III

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